Well well well.  Here it is… April.  Q2 has officially started.  Boy how time does fly…

The month is off to a good start.  Thanks to Afrobella, we have some new customers signed up at the website.  That’s always a good thing.  I love new customers.  And alumni customers.  I love all my customers.  Heeeeeeeeeeey, beloved customers.  *blows kiss*

Some new products were unveiled yesterday along with a new fragrance – Ocean.  I really love OceanOcean.  It smells so fresh… it’s my new obsession. I find myself repeatedly uncapping Ocean candles and inhaling them to death.  I don’t do that with the other ones.  It’s a little disturbing.  *shrug* 

Sachets were also released yesterday.  I’m excited about sharing these with customers.  They’re a little “old school” but I’ve been using them for years. 

Isn't this the cutest?

I put them in my dresser drawers and in my closets and in my luggage and in my car.  LOL.  It’s comforting to open up the closet door and be greeted by a subtle burst of fragrance.  Same thing with my luggage.  I like unzipping it and having it smell good… as opposed to that dank “I haven’t used this luggage in months” smell.  Ha.  I suggest trying them… they work in so many capacities.

We played our little part in April Fool’s Day with a silly sale that listed jokingly-low prices throughout the day. 16oz candles were the cost of 9oz candles… 9oz candles were $3.00. Minis were $0.50.  And some other ridiculousness that I can’t remember.  It was a bunch of silliness.  Congratulations to the few people who took advantage of those silly prices – you really got a steal.

I have an urge to start crocheting again.  *eye roll*  Like… outta nowhere.  I haven’t crocheted in years.  But one trip to the craft store and BAM, I’m all in the yarn section like “oooooh… this would make a pretty scarf.”  Um, Mickey… it’s spring.  It’s not the time to be making scarves.  I know.  I know.  Let’s hope that this hankering will pass.  Quickly.

Made 4 dozen cookies last night.  You know… typical Wednesday evening activities, right?  LOL.  I love this photo of one of the steps in the process (cookie dough spoon resting in Millie‘s bowl):Cookie Dough

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